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About Black Roses Financial

Phillip Rich, President of Black Roses Financial, LLC

Phillip Anthony Rich - Born in Washington, DC and raised in Alexandria, VA completing a business degree from Pennsylvania College of Technology an affiliate of Pennsylvania State University.  After college started career in the federal government at the US Patent & Trademark Office, but had a heart to reach the community helping individuals with final expenses.  With the urge to learn more about the industry studies lead to partnering with a #1 financial company as a first financial professional career position comprehensively analyzing individuals retirement goals and family protection needs.  Independence in this industry was learned to be key pertaining to the magnitude of strategies available on the market which intern with an independent financial professional is available to clients.  Working with fortune 500 companies to obtain the goals of my clients’ while bringing personal attention to these goals are the reasons intelligent individuals trust Black Roses Financial.  People learn quickly that working with Phillip Anthony Rich is simple, without complication and fully comprehensible like a financial professional aught to be.

Please feel free to ask Phillip Anthony Rich about the various associations he is a part of:

  • The Sovereign Military Order Temple of Jerusalem
  • Washington Intergovernmental Professionals Group
  • Embassy Series – Concerts at Embassies & Ambassador’s Residences
  • Orange County Chamber of Commerce
  • New Hope Baptist Church - Orange, VA
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church – Alexandria, VA

A family symbol of hope and of faith in new beginnings traveling a new journey into unexplored territory.  While we recognize our past we are preparing our hearts and minds for blessings and feel confident and enthusiastic in the birth of a new era.  Though very rare in nature like a black rose, the culture of operation for Black Roses Financial is to be like the actual plant.  A plant that is much like the average rose from far away, but once inspected closer it is incomparable to the rest.  Deep red, so deep it looks almost black and is velvet to the touch with thick peddles that are innumerable and a smell that screams flower throughout the house and lasts for a month before starting to fade though the flower itself has already dried up.  Like this flower the impact of Black Roses Financial in its community is to be as such, lovable and memorable – set apart from the rest.  

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