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Client Services

Client Services

Government Services

Which TSP fund account really fits my needs and comfort level?  What other options do I have other than my government branch services? 

The options here are a lot of times much larger than one can imagine.  Let’s talk and review your employee benefits to discuss what works for you.

TSP / 401(k) / 403(b) Consolidation

Why not protect money earned from other employers retirement plans and make them work together to earn more interest?

Strategies that resolve these issues would be with principle guarantees that take maximum advantage of market escalations. 

Wealth Management/Estate Planning

What are the best ways to minimize estate tax while maximizing family wealth?

Advise I offer includes to have multiple financial strategies working in conjunction to provide more for the next generation.

Retirement Income Strategies

How can I make sure that I put away enough for tomorrow and how do I make it last?   Will I have enough to take care of the expenses that I have today?

A solution to this may be to take a look at your current budget and think about where it may change in retirement.  Next, calculate savings from 401k, 403b, TSP or pension plan along with social security income and solve for longevity after bills are paid and you are comfortable.  Advise after this would include changing allocations of retirement funds by diversifying portfolio to maximize income in retirement.

Employee Benefits

How do I manage to keep the talent running my company well compensated, satisfied and focused on my business?

Specializing in:

- Doctor’s Offices
- Lawyer’s Offices
- Foreign Embassies
- Small Businesses ranging from IT to medical specialists and engineers
- Variable Income – Realtors & hair stylist

Options to solve the issue of employee retention include the following:

- 401k packages with or without company contributions
- 7702 Plan which not only provides retirement funds, but provides family financial protection from death or impairment. 
- Executive Bonus Plan

Deferred Compensation

How do I provide for my employees a secure retirement while providing my business with tax advantages?

Advise I offer includes pension plans provided by company allowing for deduction later as employee salary. 

Corporate Services

Business is great right now, but what if something were to happen to me or a key person running my business?  How would I continue running my business and where would income come from if I or my key employee were not able to work?

Insurance for key employees or business overhead expense insurance are means to have the ability to hire an able person to take care of business in case of true emergencies.

College Education Planning

Are there other ways besides a 529 plan that would provide the funds necessary for my children to be financially secure attending any school they please?

This is a subject matter I take to heart.  Our college tuitions are rising along with the importance of education in our work places.  Let’s talk and explore options to ensure your children can afford any level of education at any school anywhere.